July 31, 2014

Things I hate: “Too Busy to be Bored”

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bored gargoyleI hate when people say, “i am too busy to be bored.”  Just because I have something to do doesn’t mean that it is the cure for boredom.  In fact, many of the things I have to do are the cause of boredom, much less the antidote.

What is even worse is when someone with the authority to direct the work of others – A manager a supervisor, even a parent – anyone who assigns work to someone else, uses that same mantra in an absolute fit of ignorance.  “You must not be busy enough to be bored.”

All that leads to is the assignment of work for its on sake, and not the assignment of work aligned with a person’s interests.  Toil and trouble, effort and strife are all that these folks expect.  Now THAT is the real ignorance – to assume that effort alone is the cure for boredom.

Honestly, if you aligned the work with people’s interests, you’d never have a boredom problem – you’d be busy trying to contain their enthusiasm, not trying to badger or bludgeon it into being.


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  • Remjo Gonzales

    lol.. nice article..no one likes to be bore.. if we just appreciate all the things around us, especially the small ones, we can avoid boredom.. =)

    Remjo Gonzales

    • http://myflexiblepencil.com David M. Kasprzak

      Thanks, Remjo. I think it falls right into the “respect for people” pillar. Some people just work without thinking about what the work means or how it is done. Others feel the need to investigate, and understand why or to have a sense of purpose in their work. Being of one kind but not understanding the other leads to a lot of conflicts, I think.