July 31, 2014

A comedian, a Jersey girl and a talking chipmunk

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Once again, another example of how giving people a workplace where they are allowed to practice their craft in a good environment yields benefits to employees and customers alike…

I am sitiing, at this very moment, at Point Sebago Resort in Maine, thumbing away on my smart phone, writing this post while attending a performance by Chippy the chipmunk.  It is a live song and dance show with costumed characters, and the kids are loving it.

The cast is very talented, and they put on many different types of shows and activities each day.  At any given show you will see tap dancing, hip hop, improv comedy or dramatic acting.  The same group of about 10 performers do it all and they do it well.  So far we have been treated to a super hero show, a pirate cruise and, of course, Chippy the chipmunk.

The performers are selected from many applicants and come from all over the northeast.  One of the cast members proudly proclaimed her New Jersey upbringing during an improv sketch, and the accent was undeniable.

So how can these folks from different backgrounds, with different talents and interests, not to mention personalities and everything else, be melded together into such a good show?

Simple.  Because they want to be good at what they do.  Tbe resort gives them a chance to do that, too  – and both performers and vacationers alike tend to return year after year.

So take a lesson from Pt. Sebago – let your staff perform at its best and both they, and your customers, will be delighted.

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