July 31, 2014

Work’s a Circus? We should all be so lucky

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For Father’s Day, we took the boys (ages 6 and almost 2!) to see the Cole Bros. Circus.  The show was amazing, and really served to highlight one of the many things I’ve come to appreciate since moving to New Hampshire from Washington, just about 9 years ago.

Up here in the Granite State, most things are semi-rural, even in the shadows of Manchester, the state’s largest city.  We get to experience nearly zero traffic, lots of green trees, large lots and low taxes.  Things are busy enough that we have nearly all the major chains available, including a Home Depot and KFC, and a bunch of other chains stores just 10 minutes up the road.  Beyond that, Boston is just about an hour away and has absolutely everything a major city could offer.

But, back to the story…..

The performers were beautiful and amazing.  The talent level, for such a small, show was staggering.  My family enjoyed every act and it made for a wonderful Father’s Day.  What really caught my eye, however, was the incredible degree of teamwork, cooperation and coordination with which the performers and supporting crew enacted in order to put on the show.

The amazingly acrobatic and stunningle sexy aerial ballerina, who was flipping and twirling on little more than a ribbon 50 feet high above the floor under the big top?  She was selling tickets before the performance.  The monkey-like acrobatic couple who performed a frightening act in full clown costumes on the high wire?  They were doing face painting before, during and after the show.  Not only were these folks executing multiple tasks at every step, they were doing everything they were assigned expertly.

As I looked around, I saw coordination, collaboration, teamwork and perfectly efficient execution everywhere.  No, I won’t excuse the problems the show has had with Animal Rights activists, nor will I condone the legal trouble the Cole Brothers show has been in as a result, either.  What I will commend, however, are the efforts of the performers and workers to share the load, work as a team, do what needs to be done, and execute to perfection.

The Circus, all jokes aside, is a difficult thing to pull off well.  It’s not a troupe of n’er-do-wells running amok in haphazzard fashion.  It’s a group of highly trained individuals with a common purpose who, despite any and all personal faults, come together to provide a good time for others – and all so well coordinated and performed as to make it appear effortless.

The next time someone tells me that work looks like a circus, I’ll make sure to thank them.

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