July 26, 2014

Combining Forces: Lean, Leadership, Organizational Development, Innovation come together.

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Yesterday, I made my way down to Vibco in Wyoming, RI to be a guest on The Lean Nation radio show. After a meet and greet with Linda Kleineberg and a tour of the facility, we headed into athe studio for a live broadcast. 

You can listen to the podcast here

Originally, we’d planned on talking about The Eighth Waste of Lean: Unused Human Creativity.  As we got into it, however, we dove right in to our secondary topic:  How all the different schools of thought on making the workplace more productive, enjoyable, and just plain better can benefit from using each other’s strengths.  In effect, doing so is what makes tapping into all that unused human creativity possible! 

Combining strengths makes the team invincible.

As this blog has developed over the past few months, I’ve had in the back of my mind that leaders in different areas seem to be talking about the same things very often, however, they also seem to be using different words.  As I pursue what interests me, I am finding that multiple disciplines, each with an interest in developing leaders, reducing stress and eliminating the unnecessary all discuss ways to improve both work and life.

What’s needed, then, is an opportunity for the practitioners and experts in these different areas to come together and join forces.  I’ve had this in the background, but I’m bringing it out front.  I believe as these communities share their knowledge with each other, each will become stronger and move us closer to that workplace ideal.

Lean requires tremendous amounts of change, leadership, redefinition of organizational roles and trememdous problem solving capabilities to get through old, traditional methods and push through their transformations.

The experts in the schools of Leadership development, Organizational Behavior, Change Management and Innovation often have difficulty connecting their knowledge of “soft skills” with business impact.  You should be looking at the success that Lean transformations have yielded.

During the show I made mention of a few resources and people I’ve found that both inspire and educate me: 

All Things Workplace. from Steve Roesler

Heart Centered Leadership. from Susan Steinbrecher

Riverfork’s Lead Change by design. from Melissa Dutmers

The Lead Change Group. from Mike Henry, Sr..

Blogging Innovation. from Braden Kelly

The Creative Problem Solving Institute

The W. Edwards Deming Institute

There are so many other influential, supportive and just plain cool people, blogs and sites out there that I wish I’d had the time or the quickness of thought to have mentioned: 

Leadership Freak. from Dan Rockwell

The Experience Factor. from Kelly Ketelboeter and Jennifer Kuhn

Management Leverage. from John Burrows

Lean for Everyone. from Jon Wetzel

A Major Consulting. from Toby Elwin.

Give the show a listen, and let me know your thoughts!  Thanks so much to everyone.  Your contributions have made everything to date possible.

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  • Melindarmarshall

    Wow ! What a power pack list of resources for informational tips. I will have to read some of the book listed. Thank you for sharing.

  • http://myflexiblepencil.com David M. Kasprzak

    Hi, Melinda!

    Those links will take you to blogs and twitter accounts. Some of those folks have, indeed, written books. Since I found all of these people through blogging and tweeting, I decided to link there.

    You are reading my mind, though. In the near term, I hope to have a list of books available for people to check out. Maybe you have ESP?!

    Thanks for the comment. Keep 'em coming!